Wrapping Paper/Gift Bag Fundraiser:
Tomorrow’s a Gift designs wrapping paper for School sports that will display their mascot, logo and colors to support and promote school spirit! True to our mission our wrapping paper promotes athletes of multiple ethnicities as teammates in not only sports but in life. This fundraiser can be performed year round. Schools can earn money to purchase new equipment, uniforms or for travel fees. Everyone wins!!

GradGrams Fundraiser:
GradGrams are a way for friends, family and loved ones to celebrate a major accomplishment and wish their graduates the best of luck on their new path in life. Graduates take away a teddy bear keepsake holding onto a candy-bar (of your choice) promotional scroll with our celebratory “Congrats Graduate” balloons. Everyone deserves to be celebrated! Orders for grad grams are done in the fall to ensure timely delivery to your graduate.

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